It’s all about the Christening

So the day we found out I was preggo we had a doc appt. After the appt. I was too excited to go home so I drove around Pasadena and somehow ended up at this amazing Catholic Church called St. Andrews.

Let me backtrack a bit first, I had been looking for a great church for our kid’s christening for at least a year now. First we were going to have it at Holy Family in South Pasadena. It’s a great church, my nieghbor goes there but the rules and guidelines are quite strict. You have to already be a participating patron for one year, you have to donate at least $5200 in that year. You must complete several Sacrament classes…and there’s a ton of other stipulations to be considered. So I ruled that church out. Then one day on a random drive, we found San Gabriel Mission. A great historic and beautiful church but pretty far away and it seemed the majority of masses were held in Spanish. So back to St. Andrews, when I went there that day I knew that was the church for us. It’s Romanesque achitecture, built in 1927 and has original frescos from Europe. There is only one class required and they hold a group baptism once a month. I have to go to the Pastoral Center and fill out an application. Easy Peasy!

We are planning to go to brunch after the Christening and I found a nearby place that has a Sunday Jazz brunch. I read reviews on yelp and it sounds really yummy. It’s called Twin Palms and it’s in Old Town Pasadena.

Now the biggest challenge is choosing Godparents. I want to pick Story & Chris but they are both Atheist and I’m not sure they would take the responsibility seriously. However, they are our best friends and will be a big part of our baby’s life. In the event of our deaths, I would trust them to raise our kid. Oh well, we have until July 2010 to decide but I am booking the church and restaurant this month. Nothing wrong with planning ahead, right!


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