This makes me want to have another wedding *to the same guy*

I have been scouring for circus themed party favors and I stumbled across this amazing circus wedding.


How freaking rad are they? I love it! I wish I had a tent for our big day. I really want to find those huge balloons for our bebe shower. I found these DIY medallions for the Grandmothers.
I also found some gorgeous floral centerpiece ideas.
I have to keep reminding myself this is a baby shower and not a wedding. When we did our flowers for the wedding we were so novice and there was no blogs we could research to get *steal* great ideas. Although I did religiously read Martha Stewart Weddings our centerpieces were a bit yawn. I would never use these bouquets today *icky*!
I want to find a fabulous spring yellow *since our shower will be in May* dress and Antz will coordinate with me. I am curious to see what kind of shoes I will be able to wear by 8 months.
Still chained to the bed. 🙁 I am so bummed because I’m going to miss my date with Aimee on Friday. We were going to see Where the Wild Things Are.

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