Baby, Baby, Babymoon

I need a vacay! Seems strange to want to go on a vacation after spending the last 168 hours in bed but I am dying to take a trip. I am leaning towards New York but now that I am really thinking about it, I really want to go to New York so we can go to Niagara Falls and I read that I can’t take the Maid of the Mist boat tour if I’m preggers. My friends just went so it makes me want to go more.

It looks pretty but there isn’t much to do there unless we go to Canada.
Besides, I’ve been to New York like 8 times and maybe I should try somewhere I haven’t been…Hawaii, yeah right! Maybe we can take a weekend road trip up the coast to Santa Barbara or Big Sur. I would like to go in March around my birthday *I’ll be about 6 months by then*. Last time we took a trip was back in April, we went to San Diego to see Lily Allen. It was a blast, we stayed at the W. My dream is to stay at every W in the world which is quite ambitious since there are 52 hotels and 14 more being built. Maybe I can go to at least 20, so far I have 3 down!

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