Holiday Cards *The RAD ones* and a surprise too!

Hello There,

I’m sure holiday cards are flooding your mailbox *wow, doesn’t snail mail feels so foreign?* I absolutely loved our card this year. It was difficult to top past year’s awesomeness

2008 Pre-Olivia
2009 Preggers with Olivia
2010 Olivia’s 1st Christmas
2011 She’s a pro now!

This is one AWESOME card drawn by the talented Story & Chris
This card wins at everything! From Warren & Kim
Incredibly creepy and wonderful, YAY!!

I’m going to attempt to keep this brief since I must get ready for the yard sale *of pretty things* in a minute. Yesterday Antz finished the re-organization project in our laundry nook. We bought this wire holder from the Container Store to hold our card/foam board we use for our chalkboard signs *since Liv tries to draw on them. We thought we could hook it under the shelf and slide them in and out easy, peasy. Well it didn’t turn out as we imagined so Antz went to the hardware store and came back in MacGuyver mode. He built a special shelf that holds all our paper/boards and other things that were homeless. Dude! I am always blown away by his resourcefulness, he takes $10 and does the impossible. So now our shelf went from this

2008, not that bad
2009, at it’s worst, we lost the curtains due to a paint accident
Last weekend

Now look!  We got rid of so much junk and organized. I can’t tell you how overwhelmed it felt before. I would go to Target and bring stuff home with nowhere to put it. We also had to spend 10 minutes going though everything to find something. It was a Hoarders situation.

Yesterday, See my handy dandy new shelf for oversized paper and cardboard. Of course Antz is painting it white but it’s pretty
My Real Simple mags now have a cozy new home
We used the wire for my binders and other supplies, our orchid is being rehabilitated so it’s hanging out on the shelf far from Livzilla’s wrath.
We will be curtain shopping after Christmas


Antz painted the pantry door in chalkboard paint. I’ve been wanting to do that for a year…Happy Happy!

Even have a cute bucket to hold chalk.

Now I must run to the sale…I’m keeping my fingers crossed I find something SPECTACULAR!

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