Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Show

My ears are still ringing from the tweens sitting behind us screaming their lungs off. We had a fab time at the show but I’m still a little disappointed we couldn’t get tix to the pre-party that was held on Friday and I couldn’t finagle our way down to the “orange” carpet to be Mommerazzi! Not one celeb sighting! Liv had a blast! I wanted to buy some kiddie headphones to protect her ears but we didn’t have time to stop at Best Buy and she seems perfectly fine. We took our nephew Justin *who is 10 and is too cool to be impressed with anything* I had to refer to him to find out the names and what show these Nickelodeon kids were from. I only know one show on Nick Jr. and we all know that’s YO GABBA GABBA! *who unfortunately weren’t there* We did see *from our seats* The Black Eyed Peas, Russell Brand, Jack Black *who hosted*, Miley Cyrus, Nicky & Paris Hilton, Jason Segel, Jane Lynch, Kim & Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, Rosario Dawson, Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Heidi Klum, & Jim Carrey. There was some mega sliming going down.

My sorry attempt at being a cool and hip Mummy

The face: Smashbox photo finish primer, Nars foundation in Tahoe, Nars under eye concealor in Ginger, Mac eyeshadow in Rule *Matte orange* MAC eyeshadow in Jewel Blue, MAC kohl eyeliner in black, Nars blush in Taj Mahal, Mac Prep & prime mascara, Maybelline Great Lashes mascara in black, Nar lipgloss in Triple X *but it’s really just clear* and MAC studio fix setting spray *to set my clown face!!*

I love Antz trying to master my Yay-face, stop copying me!!

OMG! We were mobbed by folks complimenting Liv *and her awesome Fedora* she was the only bebe at the event. I wanted to be like, unless you want to star her in your next teevee show or film, BEAT IT!! *Momager level increasing*

Boo, I kept cutting Liv out of the pic…oh well

Yep, I breastfed at the KCAs!

This is Liv’s full face

Take a wild guess when my crummy Canon Powershot batteries died. To be fair, I took a ton of video footage with it while we were driving and it was only 60% full when we got there.
iPhone camera, boo!

This fellow is John Christopher Depp II, he won for best Actor and slimed the audience. Sort of glad we weren’t in the front, they looked disgusting!

We interrupt this post to bring you an ongoing camera vent. The tix for the awards clearly stated No cameras! with my experience at award shows, you go through a metal detector and they scan your bag and search you as if you are hiding a bomb in your ponytail. Well as much as I wanted to hide my enormous Nikon camera in Liv’s diaper bag, I knew we would have to settle for the Canon Powershot. This camera seems to hate me. It works brilliantly when I’m taking a photo of a tree or someone very unimportant but when I go for the money shot, it always fails me! Take for example, look at my photo of Johnny D above and this one below. Now I stole this photo from dlisted note the crisp, sharpness which are not a possibility with my lousy camera. I was zoomed in as close as I could get and Johnny is now blurry. I know I have no professional training with photography but when you advertise a camera as a point-and-shoot shouldn’t that be the expectation of the user? GRRR!!

Some band called the Black Eyed Peas….ever heard of them? Honestly about 7 years ago I saw the BEPs live at a club in LA *Pre-Fergie* and I used to love them, then they decided they wanted to become zillionaires so they hired the ex-Methface and now their music makes me want to stick nails in my ears. I couldn’t even begin to post any of my videos here *it took me an entire day to upload these pics due to a lame power outage on Sunday* so if you would like to see them, check out my youtube page.

Willow Smith performing *I didn’t even barf* but the girls behind us were going ape shit!

Jane Lynch *I love her!* and Jason Segel

Snoop Dogg getting slimed

Jim Carrey *in the hot air balloon* and Jack Black getting majorly slimed

Nothing makes me happier than a deranged look on my face…perfect crazy eyes!

I will post this one video because we asked a security guard to take our picture and it literally took him 15 minutes to try to figure out how to take the pic. After fumbling with my iPhone this is the shot he got! I thought I was going to go numb posing for so long, sorry Mr. Security guard, you are not so bright!
Our submission for awkward family photos
After the show we hightailed it over to a classy joint, Johnny Rockets…errr mistake! We usually love that place *killer chili dogs and onion rings* but the one in Alhambra has been disappointing. We still took some rad photos.

This is Liv’s new thing, she’s all about funny faces!

This photo is CREEPY…She’s all demonic!!

This is what happens when you make me wait 20 minutes for onion rings and a plain ole’ grilled cheese sandwich

The mighty ale of ye ole root beer floats!!

Good Times, it will be much more funner *I know that’s not a word* when Olivia is hosting, presenting, performing and WINNING!!!

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