Turkey Day Yumness 2009

The last time I saw my husband’s family was September for his Mommy’s birthday. That’s when we made the announcement of bebe. We reunited for Thanksgiving yummyness. I actually double-booked myself for Turkey day. I made plans to spend it with our best friends but we decided to make an appearance at Antz Mom’s. Good decision, the food was really good and everyone had questions about the pregnancy…”am I drinking enough water?”, “have you bought any maternity clothes yet?” I am and this weekend I bought my first nursing bras from the Gap.

Maria, my Mommy-in-law, maker of yummy goodness!

Me and my over-endulgence, hey it was Bebe’s first Thanksgiving!

A mere fraction of my hubby’s clan, note the yellow was just coincidental.
So, after many *cranberry toasts* and my husband eating seconds and two pieces of pie, we rushed off to our other family’s house, our BFFs Story & Chris for Thanksgiving round 2. Our friends Jess & Tom made a turkey wrapped in bacon and Story made side dishes galore. We had an exciting game of Taboo and watched Lord of the Rings *true nerds*
A first for us, not so keen on bacon with turkey
Our surrogate family, Story & Chris
It was a fun, stress-free, tummy busting Thanksgiving. I somehow willed myself to wake up at 4am the next morning and I almost joined the madness that is Black Friday but Antz convinced me to make my purchase online. Turns out to be a much better idea and I scored the package deal for $599.99 from Best Buy.com.
Nikon D3000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera
I have been coveting a Nikon D90 but I think the D3000 is more economically sound to start with a beginner’s SLR.
I haven’t even mastered my Canon Powershot yet. I am more concerned with not dropping or scratching the camera. Friday night we went to Apple Valley to visit my Mommy. That’s where I truly got to enjoy my favorite Thanksgiving tradition, steak and Alaskan king crab legs! I spent the weekend warming my bum by the fire while my mom and Antz worked on tiling the floor of my Mom’s new bathroom. We are going next weekend to help finish. I can’t wait to spend next Thanksgiving with our bebe. Who knows, I may even cook!

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