Score, a direct hit!

You win if you knew that line from John Hughes “16 Candles“! Today Antz worked from home and he somehow ended up perusing the freebies section on craigslist. He ran into the bedroom and said “Come on, we gotta go to Alhambra to pick up something!” So I joined him on the excursion saying the entire drive that someone else would pick up the free item before us but we went anyway. We arrived at a very nice house and the back gate was open. It appeared no one was home so Antz went into the backyard and gave me the thumbs up. We scored!

Aneboda Drawers retails for $69.99 at Ikea. Excellent condition. I am usually skeptical of Ikea drawers *from past experiences* but these glide open and shut like butter! No scratches, we really lucked out. We put my Grandmother’s heirloom Christmas tree on top as this is our first Christmas gift of the year. I am so excited to debut our Christmas Photo tomorrow *hopefully*. We are using the new Nikon camera and testing out the timer. Antz found easy peasy popcorn ceiling removal instructions so maybe we’ll start that project soon which will be a great beginning to our nursery. Speaking of nursery, I am still searching for the perfect mobile.

This was my first choice

However, I don’t see cohesion with the monkeys and the crotchet feels a bit Grandma *not in the cute vintage way*. So here’s the next pick

A beautiful Etsy mobile, I love elephants but…I’m worried the furniture is too modern and the pastels may not work with an orange bedding set. I’m also not loving the top part of the mobile.

This one is my fave, another Etsy gem, love the twig, love the non-mobileness of it *I mean it’s not too kiddie*. So why am I not buying this steal at $33? The one reason is do I really want rain clouds over my bebe’s crib? It’s too much of a downer, I want sunshine and happiness emitted around my kid. So, I am still mobile-less. 🙁

Although, I do have my dream mobile but I will have to wait a long time for Anthropologie to put this one on sale from it’s $148.00 price tag.

Most likely, Antz will make a mobile and we’ll spend $4.99 on fishing wire and it will rock!

PS I got my nursing bras today, Houston…we’re gonna need a bigger boat! 40D???? Aye-yi-yii!!

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