Happy Christmas Eve!

I have so much to be happy about today. I received my new hard drive yesterday and I spent a great deal of today uploading programs and files back on my laptop. So it looks like it will be a Merry Christmas indeed. Everything *well most of it* is back and it seems to be running nicely. I’m almost afraid I’ll jinx things, I can never be too careful with this fickle Dell. Oh well, I have everything and I upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 but my Dell Dock has gone missing. We are spending the evening on our respective laptops happily doing nothing while I do laundry and Antz is cooking dinner. A Christmas Story is playing in the background of course. I still need to put together my playlists on itunes and upload all my bjork CDs but I am grateful to have a working computer. We saw Twilight: New Moon last night. It was just as ridiculous as we expected, can’t complain too much, it was a free movie and it had an awesome Thom Yorke song in it but I did spend a greal deal of time rolling my eyes at the teen abs and overly dramatic snogging. Tomorrow we are going to visit Antz Mom and then Sherlock Holmes with Story & Chris. I am hoping Antz Mom cooks something delicious tomorrow. I am starting my New Year’s Resolutions list soon, so far my biggest resolution is to finish crotching my hat, be on time for every appointment and save every month for the 2012 London Olympics. Maybe I’ll add blog more routinely, I don’t know yet.

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