Post Christmas Laziness

Christmas was just lovely. We went to Antz Mom’s house and I was keeping my fingers crossed that she would cook. Lucky me, she made yummy lasagna. She gave me a pink housecoat 

Antz got $20, just what he wanted.

Mum-in-law, Maria got a Swarovski elephant to add to her collection

Antz sister and nephew

After laughing my ass off from seeing pictures of Antz and his sister when they were little, we went home to meet Story and Chris. We then went to Downtown LA to see Sherlock Holmes at the new LA Live Cinemas. I thought it would be cool to check out the new complex but it was crowded and although Antz and I were able to buy tickets, it sold out before Story & Chris could. Boo! So we met my friends Nicolette and her bf Ale and went to Glendale to see it at the Mann and met our friend George. We got tickets *no problems* and grabbed a bite. Sherlock Holmes was very good, very Guy Ritchie signature. I love Mark Strong *he played the villan*. Robert Downey Jr was excellent and Jude Law was OK. So good times all around. Antz sister Debra got us a preggo journal but we already have one so I’m going to exchange it for this guy

I am hoping to find this at Borders to give it a quick skim thru, most of my baby books are not as helpful as they seem. I bought What to Expect When Expecting so long ago, I had to buy a revised version twice! I am super mega stoked because I just found out our best friends got us something from our baby registry

Can’t wait for the bebe to use these on dark nights as a nightlight. YAY!

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