Our daughter now has Godparents :)

So yesterday we got stood up by the contractor who is working on my neighbors roof to give us a quote on our garage πŸ™ We picked up Antz Mom and went to Olvera Street in downtown LA. We ate at a popular place called Cielito Lindo but let me say I am not a fan!

I think this dress is adorable, I didn’t buy it because it had a stain!
Antz & his Mommy

We looked around for christening favors and a rosary but no luck. The place is too touristy to find anything authentic. I did buy a necklace for the baby called an “eye” which is supposed to protect her from illness. I love superstitious folk lore. Then we went to Huntington Memorial hospital to show Antz Mom. I bought the year of the tiger charm I saw at the gift shop.

We went to St. Andrew’s and while I was showing Antz Mom the church I bumped into Lucy *she works in the Pastoral Center* and she remembered me from when I registered back in October. So I went to the PC and there was a young guy working the office and he couldn’t find my application! πŸ™ Lame. So I filled out a new app and Monday I have to call them and see if they found my original application. But at least I was able to update her name and the godparents. I also found out the next baptism class is April 15th.

We finally made it to the art show and our friend Leslie is curating. There was a guy who wanted to make Antz painting into prints. I was so proud of his piece. I entered a raffle and I won a lovely Valentines bouquet of roses. I gave it to my MIL, I’m not a fan of roses. So I was brimming with anticipation and I couldn’t hold it in any longer so Antz and I decided to ask Leslie and Stephen to be Liv’s Godparents. Leslie was super happy and she kept saying, I’m family now!

Leslie’s exhibit for the show Ex-Voto Design
Antz lovely robots

The most exciting part of yesterday *besides our new Godparents* was after we dropped off Antz Mom home, I drove by this abandoned hospital I’ve heard about from my friend Matthew. It is in East LA not too far from downtown and it has been abandoned since 1990. At first I was sort of bummed because there was a light on in front and I wasn’t getting a spooky vibe and Antz wasn’t into it at all but then we drove on in the parking lot and saw people were inside and I saw Matthew’s sister. We introduced ourselves and she said if we wanted to we could come back on Monday and take a tour!! How rad is that! Antz doesn’t want to *he said he doesn’t want our bebe to get haunted* but I am so intrigued. Maybe Aimee will go with me.

Super creepy, I was all ghostbusters!!

We are going to the padrinos house today for Valentine’s Day brunch.

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