Last Night’s Shenanigans!

So I told you I was going to Lucha VaVoom Mexican wrestling, it was better than I thought it would be. So packed! The Mayan is an old historic Mexican Temple style nightclub in downtown LA. We had to stand most of the time and there were some jerks who stood right in front of us blocking our view but we still had a killer time.

Antz went nuts for the troll and little chicken luchadaros!
Our dates Nicolette & Alessandro. He just finished working as an animator on How to Train Your Dragon and she is the sweetest Hawaiian I have ever met.
I spent this afternoon with my best friend, Aimee apartment hunting in Venice. She told me she’s getting Olivia a special blanket with her name on it. This Saturday we are shopping for chistening favors called recuerdos. I have a modest budget of $2 per guest but most of them run about $1.79 each. I haven’t found a rosary or a bible that I love but maybe Antz Mom will know the right spot to look.

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