Valentine’s Day

Love day was pretty sweet. We went to Leslie & Stephen’s for yummy brunch. Their house is so incredible.

After that we met Story, Chris, George, Tom & Jess at the movies and saw Wolfman. I feel like I’ve been going nonstop since last Wednesday. This week I need to take it easy. Antz has today off for Pres day and I have acupuncture at 1. Aimee wants me to look at apartments later. I got an invitation to tour the abandoned hospital but Antz isn’t comfortable we me going with bebe. This morning the guy who is working on my neighbor’s house came by to take a look at the popcorn ceiling. He quoted us $500 and still hasn’t told us how much to repair our garage roof. There’s no way we can spend that much on the ceiling. I think we’ll look on craigslist for someone in the $150 range.

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