And the Oscar goes to….

Tonight is my night! I can’t believe I didn’t have enough room, to record the red carpet pre show but as long as I got my Oscars. I’m watching now and so far I am 1 for 1 with Christoph Waltz taking best supporting *like he had any competition*. I’m impressed that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are really funny and doing well together.

Today I had my lunch date with Aimee and Antz but we didn’t eat at PF Changs because we went to the Oaks in Thousand Oaks and there is no PF Changs! We were postive we saw one there before but we ate at Cheesecake Factory instead.

It was ok, they have the best bread ever but my grilled cheese and fries wasn’t so great. I had broccoli cheese soup and I’ve never had terrible broccoli cheese soup before but there’s a first time for everything. I hardly ate but I did manage to have 7 strawberry lemonades. Ok, 2 for 2, Up just took best Animated Picture. We did a quick stop at Urban Outfitters and I found this gem!

I really wish I bought this glockenspiel but hopefully I can find her a more authentic one. We also went to the Vans store. I can’t wait to buy every single pair of these.

Of course Monique, Avatar and Up has won so far, I’ll figure out my tally in a few hours. I should have entered into a pool because I seem to be right on it! So far, Carey Mulligan and Robert Downey Jr. are my best dressed pics but I still have an hour and half to go.

Lame to the max, my DVR didn’t record the last 30 minutes of the Oscars! I missed Best actress, Best director and Best movie. I looked up the winners online and my jaw dropped. Sandra Bullock for best actress, gross. Katheryn Bugelow/The Hurt Locker were a surprise to me, I wasn’t so happy that Quentin lost but I love that Katheryn is the first female director to win and she beat out the most profitable movie ever and her ex-husband so sweet justice for her! I only picked 8, who knew The Hurt Locker and the documentary about the dolphins would take Oscar home?

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