My husband is going to win an Oscar

for best video editing! He made this lovely video for Olivia while trying out a new program.

I love it! The music is Gling Glo by Bjork and he’s going to add my preggo pics every week. I made french toast this morning but it didn’t come out as good as the first time. We decided to return the new pots and buy a set of Calphalon from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

It makes more sense to return the 2 pots for $80 and buy this 10 piece set for $199 with his sister’s 20% discount. I seem to be having bad luck with the new stove, so far I’ve burned a batch of chocolate chip cookies and the french toast I made this morning tasted gooey, like I didn’t heat them long enough. Well, I am relentless about keeping the stove clean. My friend, Jessica,  from Beauty school and her boyfriend are stopping by tonight. Antz is going to make his famous chicken tacos. I haven’t had them in forever. Tomorrow when we have our lunch date with Aimee, I am thinking of picking up some candles from Anthropologie since I have a 15% coupon for my birthday. I am counting down the days until Wednesday because my right-side ribs are killing me! I also have my glucose test and I want to get that over with. I am also anxious to see Olivia. Thursday is when my ring is supposed to be ready. I can’t wait to have it back, I feel like I am missing my finger.

One thought on “My husband is going to win an Oscar

  1. So came to your blog from babycenter and wanted to say. That is the Most beautiful video!!! Your hubby did a fabulous job. Ok call it hormones but I shed a happy tear.. Love IT!

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