We’ve been framed!

Today I heard the doorbell and I ran like a kid at Christmas to the door to get my Sasquatch poster. I waited until Antz got off of work to open it. I am so happy we got the giclee print instead of the poster. It looks so vibrant, the paper is thicker and the artist, Don Clark signed it for us. You may have seen his most recent work for a Target ad

We went to Aaron Bros and got a consultation. I wasn’t sure what our budget was but I knew it would be under $100. When the salesman started pulling out mats and telling us about acid paper protection, I got a bit worried.

The print is 23 x 17 so we looked at 24 x 18 frames and after looking at almost every color of the rainbow, we decided to use an orange mat. I worried it would be orange overkill but it matches the curtains and the print so well we had to use it. We chose a white simple frame for this print because the white will look great against the brown wall and we went with a more ornate frame for the painting Antz is working on for Liv.
I mentioned before that Antz has been working on artwork for the nursery and it’s still in progess. It took us much longer to choose between these 2 frames

I know, more freaking orange, right? Well this sea monster will totally have a sweet face. Antz is going to add more pink to it and I know it will come out amazing. So this frame was only $40 and the mat was $11, the frame looks pretty awesome but this one is my total favorite.

Of course the one I love most is $54.99! I didn’t want to spend that much on frames but when we thought it out, we are still under our $100 budget and Antz knows how to mat the print himself so that saves a ton of money so we bought it. This frame will look so great on her wall. Now I need my dear husband to start painting the Lorax. We have a 40% coupon on a future Aaron Bros purchase so we can get a frame for the Lorax painting too.

I don’t think Antz is as excited about painting this guy because it’s a replication and that takes away from  his creativity. Here is Liv’s Dad putting the mat and frame together. He saved us about $100 in labor with his expertise 🙂

The finished result. I can’t wait to see it on the brown wall over her crib. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

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