My Last birthday as a non-Mum

I need to hurry and finish this post because I am fighting sleepiness and I have to remember the events of the evening. Beginning backwards, as we were leaving the Standard rooftop bar, I walked right past Cameron fucking Diaz! I am kicking myself that I didn’t immediately ask her to take a picture with the bebe but I was exhausted, didn’t have my camera out and she was walking like quickly and I didn’t want to be a pest. Boo! I usually never past up a celeb photo op. Well, despite that, the evening was perfection, we made to Morton’s right on time. The food and the service was impeccable! The dinner felt really 5 star, our waitress was really cool and I managed to eat a lot *although I did have leftovers*


Antz had filet mignon with shrimp Alexander, he gave me one of the shrimp, soo yum!

I had filet mignon with scallops wrapped in bacon to perfection.

Dessert was molton lava chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, I wish everyday was my birthday!

I had to take week 29 at dinner, the hostess gave us this pic. Can’t wait to take Olivia here for dinner.

After dinner we went over to the Standard and just made it before 7pm to meet my friends, Story, Jes, Tom and Dave.

The rooftop pool, I so wanted to jump in!

So cute!

Sheesh boobies!

Looks good Jes!
Me & Dave

My friends are the best! We really love that place and hope to go again soon. My husband is so rad for making my birthday such fun. I couldn’t be happier. Tomorrow we are going back to Bel Air to pick up the rest of the bebe furniture and hopefully finish painting. Everything is going to perfect, I fucking love my life!

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