Mega Birthdayness Extravaganza

Today is the first day of Spring and the celebration of me coming into the world! We started off with a trip to Ikea to buy a new bookcase for Antz *quasi* office and a side table/shelf for the nursery.

Surprisingly calm for a Saturday

Here is the side table/shelf that will go next to the glider. I was getting a Lack side table but it makes more sense to use this piece since we’ll have so much stuff to store. We are getting cute baskets to keep her toys in.

After measuring the space I’m a little bummed I couldn’t fit the double bookcase next to Antz desk but this single one will fit fine and we got it in birch to break up all the white furniture monotony. His books, Neopet toys and pictures will go on this bookcase. I also got a new trash can and a set of tupperware. Another check on our long list of things-to-do. I have a half an hour to get dressed for Morton’s but I have suddenly gotten sleepy. Well at least we are having an early night.

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