Lazy Sunday’s are back!

I fell asleep relatively early last night, I think I conked out before 11pm. I’m not sure how late Antz got to bed but since Max got a haircut and was being so sweet we let him sleep in the bed with us. He stayed up last night working on this!!

SO MEGA CUTE!!This morning Antz was up around 8:30 just hanging out in bed, playing with Max. Now it’s going on 10am and I’m the only one awake!

Under that black blanket is Maxwell snoring loud as ever. I would like to awaken my sleeping Prince because I want to finish printing the shower photos and add them to the scrapbook, then we still need to return the umbrella base *we didn’t use because it wasn’t the right size* to Bed, Bath & Beyond *and hopefully find a new featherbed*, then go to Giggle to buy the Medela breast pump and some bottles. We are taking his sister Debra to lunch for helping us with the food at the shower. We are taking her Sedthee because we couldn’t think of anywhere else that we haven’t taken her yet. I am starting to get sick of that place but it’s Antz favorite. I don’t know if I wrote about this but Debra bought Antz the Diaper Dude which came last Tuesday. *YAY*

I still want to go to the Gap in Glendale and find the black and white checked shirt we saw yesterday, I can’t pass up the buy one get one free sale!!

We have to put the car seat in my car today, I don’t know why we keep procrastinating about it. Then later today we’ll prolly go visit his Mom and return her table.

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