The early birds get the yummy breakfast!!

Antz and I have been up since 6:45 am!! We took his car to Honda to get service and have his drivers side door lock fixed. Then we took Max to the vet. We just wanted to spend $100 for his annual shots, blood test and get his perscription refilled. Turned out to be $202! They gave us a quote to have his ears cleaned for $180 and if he were to have surgery, it would cost $800-$900 per ear. The good news is we are getting him groomed and a summer cut so he’ll look alot better once Olivia is here.

Our day has only begun, we need to put the car seat in my car, we need to pack Antz hospital bag, pick up Max, pick up his car, go to the mall and get Liv’s bibs embroidered and shop for clothes for Antz. We need to find a cover for Olivia’s bassinet so Lola can’t get in, something like this

We are going to try out the Fabler canopy and see how she does with that but I know she’ll claw the material because she does the same with our curtains.

Lola is just a brat right now, every morning she gets up before 7am and yells at us, bites at our feet and knocks things off my desk until one of us gets up to feed her. She also is shedding hair everywhere so I need to find a way to keep her hair out of bassinet.

Whew is an understatement!! We just finished 80% of our errands and it’s 6pm. Remember, our day began at 6am so we have been going nonstop for 12 hours. Mind you, I have spend about 4 of those hours sitting while I wait for Antz to run to the car, run to pick up the embroidery for Liv, run to get me a Wetzel Pretzel slushie *I had 2*. We walked all over that mall like we were on a scavenger hunt. We found an embroidery cart and left her bonnet, bib and a yellow onesie to get done. Her bonnet is my favorite *loves*

This onesie did not come out as we liked, I mean come on, Liu? Oh well!

Then we had lunch. After lunch, we went shopping for Antz. I somehow ended up getting a white dress from Old Navy but it was a practical purchase because my white skirt got ruined at the maternity photo shoot *mysterious unremovable black stains*. I wanted to get some red Toms but I didn’t get them this time. Antz got some shirts from the Gap and some navy blue Converse. I need to find a short sleeve buttoned shirt for him. Gap online sucks ass right now, I can’t find any short sleeve white shirts and all week I have been getting 20% coupons and today there is nothing, everything is regular price but they sold out of his size in the store and they are having a buy one get one free promotion! So after the mall we dragged ourselves to Target. I scored a 30% off Liberty of London king size bedding set. I am going to use it at the hopsital.

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