What chu talkin’ bout?

Latest victim in the celeb death world is Gary Coleman. I knew he would leave us early due to his medical conditions and his awful wife *throws a printer at her*. I had my totally bizarre Gary Coleman encounter while working at Starbucks in a mall where Gary worked as a security guard *see bizarre*. He came by and flirted with one of my co-workers and asked her out on a date. Unfortunately for Gary, she was taken at the time. So my Mommy came over last night and spent the night. We had a nice evening, had dinner out on the patio. This morning Mom & me had waffles at my diner and I went to the grocery store for prolly the last time in a few months. We are going to see Babies at 2 when Antz gets off. Antz Mom couldn’t make it because she is busy preparing for Clinnie’s birthday party this Sunday. I feel absolutely fine, a bit anxious because now I have visions of my water breaking in the most awkward of places *public restrooms, in the car, etc.* Now is the time, Antz is on his way home so I shall put my shoes on and wait for him to text me.

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