Enjoy your boredom now

This is the advise my husband, Mom and BFF have given me. I am crawling out of my skin. I am in no hurry whatsoever to give birth but I am not enjoying nothing to do but sit around and watch TV. I am trying to rest and it is not working. I just washed dishes, wash/folded laundry, put clothes away, straightened out my closet, cleaned the bathroom, emptied the trash, and now I’m washing the inner shower curtain. I know I’m nesting but there isn’t much to nest. I actually am going to start planning our garage makeover. Ever since the shower and the repair, we have made the garage into a storage facility that is very Hoarders style. We need to dust off our bikes and do something about our pest problem. It smells so much better in there so we’ll need to treat the wood with an stain. I would love to make the garage look pretty like this
*borrowed from Making it Lovely*

Antz promptly vetoed this design, he said the color palette is too *girlie* and we have a spider situation in there that would ruin anything nice. I am going to put together a mood board but I don’t know how much I want to spend on a room I hardly ever use. I know we need a pegboard from Lowes, some shelving from Ikea Gorm and a bike rack Gravity Bike Stand. I would like to put in Flor carpet but it depends on the budget.

So far I put together this mood board, the total budget comes to a little over $500.

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