A whole lot of nothing

I am seriously suffering the boreds! Yesterday I went to see Babies *again* with my Mommy and Antz. They both liked it but it sucked that it wasn’t playing at the Arclight and we had to go to this crummy theater in Alhambra. When we got home Antz grilled chicken and made the most amazing cobb salad and deviled eggs I’ve had! I wish I took a pic of the dish because he really used his chef skills. I took more week 39 pics because I only had one I liked that I took at acupuncture on Monday.











My last week as a pregnant lady! I was so miserable last night. I didn’t use my laptop all night, I didn’t turn on the TV *until 1am* and Antz and I sat in the living room and lit the candles in the fireplace and just cuddled. It’s much more impressive in person.







He was trying his best to keep me entertained but the only thing I showed interest in doing was eating. I gave in and watched some dumb movie at 1am and ended going to bed around 3:30 *after a late, late night grilled cheese sandwich*. I woke up around 10:30 this morning and Antz was working on his computer for an art project. I still have no agenda for today. Tomorrow we are going to Antz Mom’s for his sister’s BBQ birthday party. I really want to go swimming! Our friend Keith is the only person we know with a pool but he is having his kitchen remodeled so it will be at least until July before he has us over. I would love to go to a hotel to lounge by the pool but in my current state, I’m sure noone wants to see me preggers in a bathing suit *or even non preggers*!

Antz and I put together her swing which was a little more work than we anticipated. It’s pretty awesome but the swing makes a noise that I am finding annoying, the music is cute some classical, some nursery rhymes and some nature sounds but all very synthesized.

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