Time needs to slow down

I feel like this first week needs a do-over. Olivia is growing sooo fast! She is already sleeping 5 hours at night. I actually feel guilty that I am getting so much sleep at night. I want to wake her up every 3 hours but she is a hard sleeper *like her Dad*.

We love spending time in her nursery. It feels like her sanctuary.

Today I have tons of errands to do so I’ll be gone most of the afternoon. I really need to have my finger sized so I can order my ring *push present*. We don’t have any plans this weekend but our friend, Kim, invited us to Hollywood Forever cemetery to see Beetlejuice. Sounds like fun but we can’t take Olivia just yet. *Boo* As much as I want time to slow down, I am ready for her to be old enough to go out without worrying about her getting sick. When we took her to Larchmont Village I was concerned about her being around so many people *it was crowded for a Thursday*.

She is so amazing. She can lift her head and she loves to pull her self up on my chest. Antz is making these rad flash cards for Olivia. They look awesome, I can’t wait for her to learn all the words we teach her!!

I am searching for a map that is big enough for her to see but small enough for us to store it away. Antz wants one that can roll up and he can put over the window in her nursery. We have her birth announcements ready to go but we bought the wrong paper at Target so I have to return it today. Hopefully we can send them out tomorrow morning. Story is coming by to visit this afternoon so I need to get out of here and finish my list of things to do!

Well not only did I go to Kinkos to buy the paper *for the announcements* and shopped at Target in under 1 hour but I was able to take a nap with Liv
I was able convince Story to hold her this time. Olivia was unusually fussy today. We have been feeding her almost every hour and a half and she hasn’t slept for more than an hour. I think she’ll sleep longer tonight.

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