The most monumental event of my life III

The first week of Liv’s life has flown by. Once we got home we felt really at ease with Olivia. We both take care of her during the day and if we are lucky we get an hour nap. The I take the late night 1am – 5am shift and Antz takes the 6am – 11am early morning shift. That works for us. I was feeding every 2 hours but Liv has been sleeping in 4 hour stretches and we aren’t able to wake her so I feed her on demand. I actually got engorged a couple of times so I had to pump. She feeds great but she loves to fall asleep on the boob. She has been giving us excellent poopy diapers. We took her to see Dr Wang on Monday and she said she is above perfect 🙂   At the pediatrician appt.

When she was born she weighed 8 lbs 5 oz. and when she left the hospital she lost a little weight so she was 7 lbs 11 oz. and at the pediatrician, she weighed 8 lbs .03 oz so she is gaining weight nicely. We asked Dr. Wang when could we take her outside and she said well, she’s out now, so we took her to her Grandmother’s house *Antz Mom* to hang with her and Antz Aunt Barbara.

We also took her on a long drive to the beach yesterday. Antz has been cooking more often now and his food is super yummy. He made salmon for dinner on Thursday and his sister Debra came over to visit us. Story and Chris came to visit last weekend and they are freaked out that we have a baby. Liv’s Godparents Leslie & Stephen, came to visit on Sunday.

We took her week one photo yesterday but she wasn’t very happy about being propped up by a pillow. I tried to get a shot of her without her frowning but I wasn’t too successful. Hopefully next week will look better.

Every week her tree will grow and Totoro will be present in her photo. The little anklet you see is the Mal de Ojo bracelet that helps protect her from sickness. In a few weeks I’ll put her bumble bell anklet on her. Here she is in her swing, she loves it! More random pics

This blanket and hat were gifts from Antz Mom, we tried them on Olivia but it was too hot for her to wear them. I do need to find some hats for Liv. Today Aimee came over and we took Olivia to Larchmont Village to buy burp clothes and I was looking for cool onesies. We finally had a chance to test out the Bugaboo

We bought a receiving blanket and burp cloth from the Little Seed *which Soliel Moon Frye owns*
I didn’t find any onesies I liked so we will go to Kids Kitson. I would love an Edgar Allen Poe and a Vincent Price onesie. Well Antz and Olivia are both napping so I shall join them. I will try my best to keep this up this blog but it’s getting harder to find time to use my computer. We are having so much fun with Liv, she keeps us busy but ecstatic at the same time.

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