Yay, Fun Monday!

We went to the Santa Anita Mall today for lunch and we finally found Liv’s sunhat of all places at Janie & Jack! That is my fave store now. At first we weren’t going to look there because of the high prices but to our surprise they were having a great sale and we found the perfect white sunhat AND an adorable bathing suit. I am sure I’ll find some outfits for Liv’s photo shoot next time we go there.

Hopefully we’ll get invited to Keith & Tina’s pool party before she outgrows this bathing suit!

Liv is too cool for school

We also went to Target to get her some arm floaties but they didn’t have any for under 2 years old so we got her this.

So darling! If we don’t go to Keith’s house *he is still remodeling his kitchen* then we may go to my Mom’s and play with her in her hot tub. I just want to get her accustomed to water as early as possible. I checked out these inflatable pools too, Antz was seriously thinking of getting this guy for us to use in the backyard but I think it’s embarrassing!

This one was $499.99!!

If I were to get an above ground pool for Olivia this guy would be the best contender from Pottery Barn Kids.

I really do want an INGROUND pool so super bad! I was looking at real estate today and it’s so ironic that 2 houses we checked out the open house last year are back on the market for under what they sold for. One of the houses is pretty rad, it’s Georgian style 2 story with 2 bedrooms. It has a pool/spa, garage-turned guest house and a gorgeous kitchen. The downfalls are it has one bedroom upstairs and one downstairs, the pool/backyard is tiny, and although it’s in prime *just off of Hillhurst* Los Feliz location, it is right next door to a Ralph’s grocery store. No wonder it’s on the market again. I am finding more houses with pools for sale in a reasonable price range but they are mostly fixer uppers or it’s in the wrong location. Atwater Village is still my number one choice but the more time we spend in Arcadia, the more I like the area. I have been having such bad luck with food lately that this place really blows my skirt up, I am hoping we can test it out some time this week but I don’t know if Antz will want to bring Liv. I also have been wanting to go to this place for months now. I already missed out on Hello Kitty month 🙁
I am still working on my summer bucket list, I haven’t found an outdoor concert yet but I would love to go to something at the Hollywood Bowl or the Greek Theater.

*Things I would love to do/see/eat this Summer*

1. Take Olivia to at least one summer outdoor concert
2. Learn the lyrics to an entire April March song *Working on Mon Petit Ami*
3. Buy an inflatable pool and play with Liv in it *bought a float, still need to get the pool*
4. Eat outdoors every Friday *2 Fridays down*
5. Become a regular at the Montrose Farmers Market *Sundays*
6. Buy fresh strawberries *#5* Make a strawberry pie
7. Take Olivia to Keith & Tina’s for her first swimming lesson
8. Take Olivia to my Mom’s house in Apple Valley
9. Sleep in the hammock
10. Make s’mores over our firepit *planning a S’mores/Dog party in late August*
11. Have a friend’s dog party at our house
12. Take one road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway *maybe go to the Hearst Castle or seal santuary*
13. Take 1,000 pictures of Olivia *I haven’t been counting but I’m well into the hundreds*
14. Take Olivia to a petting zoo *she needs her vaccinations first so this is on hold until Sept*

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