Parker Palm Springs

We haven’t made a big fuss about our wedding anniversary since our pop up dinner when we celebrated ten years. This year I wanted to do something fun but not overwhelming or too stressful. It’s hard to come up with new ideas within driving distance since we’ve done just about everything there is to do in LA. Then I remembered we had a ton of travel points we racked up on our credit card from our trip to Europe so I started looking for local hotels to spend a few nights. I came so close to choosing the Ace hotel *Downtown LA or Palm Springs* but I wanted to stay somewhere more posh so I chose the Parker Palm Springs. It’s exquisitely curated by one of my favorite designers ever Jonathan Adler. It’s perfectly styled in retro mid-century modern and I just may borrow one of his needlepoint pillows and a few ceramic vases might find their way into my suitcase! We stuffed ourselves at Norma’s for brunch and I finally tried eggs Benedict *I have no idea what took me so long*  We’ve been swimming, lounging, taking photos, drinking champagne, playing croquet and hunting wild bunnies. Our room is superb! It has a private patio with a hammock, plenty of air conditioning to make Antz happy and a luxurious king size bed. Seriously, I am considering taking all the furniture out of our bedroom and just having wall-to-wall king size bed. We’d have to crawl into the room because it’s the size of a broom closet but our queen bed feels like a twin compared to this spacious king.

Since I think I’m a high roller yet my wallet would beg to differ, I finagled my way into getting a tour of the fancy-pants suites. Most were occupied but we did get to hang in one of the villas *that costs like thousands a night!* I was super stoked to find a Serena & Lily hanging chair in the living room. I love how perfect they look in rooms but I doubt I would ever buy one due to my giant posterior and my fear of falling from things. It’s perfect for Liv though. I almost died when I saw a Moroccan wedding blanket in the bedroom. I want one so bad I am willing to fly across the world and traverse sweltering heat to buy one in Marrakesh. I have no idea how expensive they are but Urban Outfitters has this one of a kind blanket/rug for only $799 *hurry only a few left in stock they say* I know I have made some crazy decor purchases before but I can’t drop $800 bucks on a blanket no matter how rad it is. If anyone knows the scoop on affordable Moroccan wedding blankets, hook me up!!

So, today is actually our anniversary *8/18* but we have been pre-partying all weekend and tonight after a lovely/gluttonous meal, we are going to the movies with the kid. I am such a lucky girl. Let’s not dwell over the fact that my Nikon JI camera battery died I left the camera batteries at home, I also forgot to bring Liv’s backpack so we had to go to Target and buy her a few tops and a new bathing suit *she was due for a new one anyway* but there’s always a few hiccups in life.

Little Miss Palm Springs socialite
The lobby is so good *souk rugs are sooo fab* but how do they stay clean??
Surrounded by gorgeous Moroccan pillows
Let’s do lunch, dahling!
I don’t like the Drugs but the Drugs like me! – MM
When I die, just bury me here. Actually embalm me and prop me up in that chair!
We braved the 109 degree heat to dine outside for brunch at Norma’s
Insanely good blueberry pancakes
I love this dude!
Always at the bar *ordering Shirley Temples*

 The Zoe Villa
The villas are named for the Parker’s grandchildren

Our fantastic deluxe room isn’t too shabby
This bed may appear smaller than it is in real life, so roomy!
I have no scruples to reading this book
Okay Parker, now you’re just showing off, nice faucet!
I wish I could photograph this fabulous wallpaper better *but my dumb camera died*
Our patio
For years we had a rope hammock in our backyard, this solid hammock is so much more comfy!
I thought I would burn to death outside on the patio but around 6pm, the weather is milder and that hammock is heaven
The view is not bad
Guess who’s ready to hit the pool in her new bathing suit?
Geesh kid, flexible much?
Liv is swimming completely unassisted, no floaties, no vest! She can hold her breathe underwater for a long time.

The grounds are a delightful maze
We may toast marshmallows here
 Parker Palm Springs on Make A Gif

A friendly game of croquet a lá Heathers
I won!
Good game! Now let’s order some drinks
What a weekend! So much fun, Happy anniversary love.

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