Here’s My Art A Yo Gabba Gabba Gallery Show

YIKES! I am just realizing I forgot to post about the Yo Gabba Gabba Art show!! We drove in from San Diego on Friday *never travelling on a Friday ever again, you are my witnesses!* and with so much traffic, we ended up arriving home just in time to change Liv’s diaper and head right back out to Hollywood so we would be early for the show. We made it with 10 minutes to spare so we hung out with this other couple and their adorable son. I was expecting much more people but it did get super crowded an hour into the show. It was AH-MAZ-ZING! We met Mark Mothersbaugh *I actually got nervous around him, NERD* and we saw a bunch of the crew from the show. The best part was Muno, Foofa & Plex were actually there so we got to take pics with them. YAY! I really wanted to buy the Party in my Tummy piece but couldn’t spend $400 willy nilly with Father’s Day and Antz birthday right around the corner. We did buy a limited edition Muno poster by David Wain and we got a super deal on a frame at Aaron Bros!

Mark freaking Mothersbaugh *greatest composer ever!* Mark was a sweetheart, he said Olivia look darling and he graciously posed for this photo. Can you see how much my Nikon hates me? I am sure my Nikon is haunted by Hitler’s ghost!

So yummy!!
Sukho Lee *from cool tricks* Turns out he works at the same company as Antz but a different location, small world!

I want this SOOO BAD!!!

Foofa & Plex!!

Look at my face, I was more stoked than Olivia

This guy is super rad

Muno now lives in our living room.

Best art show ever!!

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