You have been replaced *for now*

Let’s talk TV. I am actually over the reality TV programming. My current favorite show is Louie!!

I missed out on last week’s premiere but I lucked upon a mini marathon tonight and 3 episodes have rocked my world. I already was a big Louie CK fan but with Ricky Gervais on his show, he has my heart! Yep, that means It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has slipped into the #2 spot {Twilight Zone is still standing firm in #4 and Daily Show is solid at #5}. I don’t know how a lame channel like FX has such amazing TV shows. I am also baffled to how Mad Men is on AMC.
By the way, I am watching today’s Daily Show and Julianne Moore is on there and God that lady is wicked gorgeous! She is one spicy redhead!

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