Alert new obsession warning!

I hadn’t checked out in awhile so this morning I was perusing new listings and I came across 2 beauties. One is in Eagle Rock and the other in North Pasadena. We decided to take back the sailor outfit to Janie & Jack and since I was burnt out on the Santa Anita mall we went to the Grove. Unfortunately it was majorly crowded, boo! We had lunch at the Farmer’s Market and walked around a bit.








So on our way home from the Grove I decided to check out the houses I saw on Zillow. Neither have any scheduled open houses but I wanted to see the neighborhood. We definitely liked the house in Eagle Rock better *it’s closer to Antz job and a better neighborhood* but the house in Pasadena is in move-in ready condition and has a better layout. The house in Eagle Rock is $20,000 less but needs close to that amount in repairs and renovations. The cool thing about the Eagle Rock house is, if we did get it, we could remodel it to our taste and it has tons of potential. I am so obsessed with this house, coming soon, a reno mood board!

Eagle Rock House

Pasadena House











I am super bummed because Antz has to go back to work tomorrow. I know I’ll be ok without him taking care of Olivia, it just sucks that he may miss out on some of her milestones. Luckily he can come home for lunch and he still has half-day Fridays for the rest of the summer.

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