A trip down Memory Lane

This morning Antz brought out our old scrapbooks. We noticed there was a bunch with empty pages and we’ve been saving memorabilia from our travels for years. I have so many pics that I hadn’t scanned into my computer because they are glued in the scrapbooks so I took pics with my Canon as best as I could. *beware extremely poor quality*
Our first international travel was in August 1997 when I won the showcase showdown on the Price is Right to Venice, Italy. Keep in mind these were the days before digital cameras and we were only 20 & 21.

We look like teenagers, I know! I would give anything to have had a better camera and taken more photos of this trip. Back then I wasn’t so into capturing the moments but at least I have the scrapbooks to hold our memories once we get old and are wearing Depends. Our next trip was domestic but exciting because we returned newly engaged! It was Antz first time to the Big Apple but I had been before with my Mom when I was 11.

On top of the Empire State Building *after Antz proposed* It was bitterly cold but I was never happier. After our wedding I started working for JetBlue airlines and we were able to fly to London for $50 each so I decided we should go see Bjork in Paris over the summer with Aimee. We definitely should have taken more pictures but we were having so much fun.

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