I have never been so excited for a weekend of nothing planned!

Today is half day Friday for Antz so I’ll be going to run errands when he gets home at 3pm. Yay! I took on too much today and now I’m exhausted. I cleaned Liv’s nursery, the bathroom is now sparkly clean, big clean up in the kitchen, washing the bedding and towels and a bit of swiftering! *whew* In the interrum of this cleaning binge, I’ve changed Liv 4 times, given her a bath, fed her and had some animated tummy time. The best part is Liv has been super happy all day. She slept a bit in her swing while I cleaned the kitchen and I even wore her in the Babywrap for awhile. She’s now laying contently in her bassinet allowing Mommy a small break to eat and blog 🙂 I am loving all this hard work. I feel so …*hold please epic diaper change*
I have returned. Olivia spit up Exorcist style! …rewarding and truly happy.

I watched Up in the Air with Antz, I really liked it, surprisingly. I was annoyed at the opening song but the rest was charming. I am so happy the weekend is here so we can do NOTHING! I have missed not having something scheduled. Of course next week is full of things. My Mom is coming in town on Wednesday and I’m going to color her hair. Then Thursday Olivia has her pediatrician appt *and will be getting 3 vaccinations!* and I have my follow up appt. with Dr. Teng. I want to bring Liv to meet the nurses. Friday we will be making the christening cookies at Leslie’s house *I still am looking for the monogram stamp*. We nixed the plan to go to Marston’s after the christening because Antz doesn’t want to exclude any of his family. So it will be cake and punch at our house afterwards. Leslie and Antz picked out this awesome cake today

We are definitely getting rid of the topper and putting her name on it. The issue is, the cake and punch is impromptu so we aren’t sure who will be coming to our house. Oh well, this is the new unstructured me!Today I lucked upon this rad DIY that I am super excited to try to make *or ask Antz Mom to make for me*

This sweet dress is made from *drumroll* a pillowcase! I have got to hem it with pom poms and and some zigzag trim. Maybe I’ll check out the fabric store I got my bridesmaid’s skirt fabric from. I suck at sewing but it looks feasible for even me. I have not a clue where I will find such a cute pillowcase but maybe I’ll get lucky over the weekend.

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