Happy August & Happy Birthday Olivia!!

That’s right, my favorite month is here and Olivia is now 2 months old!! So exciting

Keith & Tina’s pool party was fabulous *despite the chilly weather* We went to Aimee’s first to pick up my BabyHawk and give Aimee her router *she was so happy* then we arrived in Westchester at 3:30. We thought we were late but we were the first to arrive. Soon after Story & Chris showed up. Keith & Tina’s kitchen remodel looks incredible *as expected* I forgot to take pictures but we will be going over there again on Labor Day weekend
Olivia was fantastic in the water!! She really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to take her swimming again.

Keith & Tina have a vacation condo in New Orleans and they invited us to come out there for Halloween. I really want to go. I’ve been wanting to visit New Orleans for a year now *they have 2 W hotels!* Problem is, the airfare is really expensive and it seems the W in the French Quarter is booked Halloween weekend. I can still call the hotel and see if any rooms are available. Look how pretty!

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