A Stuffed Turkey

We just finished the last of our wonderful Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and I am stuffed. We usually go to Antz Mom’s house for dinner but this year his brother Charles hosted the huge family.

My sister and nephew

Olivia had the best time running after her older cousins and eating sweet potatoes. I even made jalapeno cornbread muffins. Once again I totally forgot to capture the lovely meal but that usually means I’m too focused on eating to remember to grab my camera. I did get a family photo and my camera remote actually worked this time even though I had to run into the shot about 5 times. Huzzah!

Antz has promised to center it, and zoom in so you can actually see all our lovely faces

Anthropologie bummed me out this year since they aren’t carrying children’s clothes and instead of the Black Friday 50% off, they are only offering 25%. Old Navy surprised me with this gem. I snagged the last one in stock online.

Softest Printed-Crew Sweaters   Just bought this guy tonight!!
It’s sold out now

I did score some home goodies from Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I wasn’t planning on going to the store but since I saw everything I wanted was in stock and they were offering 20% off your entire purchase, I took the trip. It was surprisingly calm in the store. No one was fighting over towels and I didn’t arrive to a shop that looked like it had been looted after an apocalypse. I browsed the bedding section

I love this Kate Spade pillow
The sale is in-store only

…and found the complete Orla Kiely set I’ve been wanting for months on clearance, along with the 20% coupon, I saved $100 off the set. I’m short one sham pillowcase but that’s what happens when you have 3 standard pillows and pillowcases are sold in a set of 2.

I am the only person with a phobia about putting new bedding on the bed?

I couldn’t be happier and to my delightful surprise Antz brings me a package from Amazon. I completely forgot I pre-ordered Moonrise Kingdom and Cinderella last month. Liv hasn’t seen Cinderella and Antz hasn’t seen Moonrise Kingdom so we’ll watch them over the weekend.

Doesn’t today feel like a Sunday? What a rad holiday we’ve had so far. I think I’ll pick up a pumpkin pie since we finished our leftovers. We’re just chillin’!

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