He needs me, He needs me

Antz and I are obsessed with this song *and I adore Shelly Duvall*

Today is a ho-hum type of day. Nothing extraordinary planned. I could go to Target but I’m staying home since my Mom is due in town and may drop by. I just gave Liv a bath and she is contently napping on her playmat. I have New Orleans on my mind. Yesterday I called and the hotel is indeed sold out for that weekend. The reservations agent is supposed to email me if anyone cancels but that may be unlikely. I so could use a vacation but I’m not sure New Orleans is the best place for Olivia. Our friends will want to spend their time in the bars and I would rather hang out in the cemetary *and meet a real witch doctor*. Keith & Tina know some people who could babysit for us but I’m not so keen on leaving her with strangers. I would much rather take her to San Francisco for her first flight. We are familiar with the city, it’s much more bebe friendly and there is a W there *#18*









*we stayed at the W in San Jose*








Virgin America is having a sale for flights from LA to SF for $49 each way. It would be awesome to go for our anniversary but then we’d miss our annual Duke’s Malibu dinner











Last year they changed the surf n’ turf to Polynesian steak. I am hoping this year it’s back to the original. We plan on taking Liv *hoping she’ll sleep the entire time*

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