Summer Serenade & Summer Solstice

Yesterday was Liv’s last day of school before summer break *which is one week* and Summer Serenade Masquerade party. Antz left the Nikon camera in his car and my iphone died so all I have is a minute of video footage of her class singing Yellow Submarine and some really bad photos. The classes performances were adorable. The little ones sang a song called I am a Pizza and the graduating pre-kindergarten class sang Oppa Gangham and danced. I was on the decorating committee for the Summer Serenade so Liv and I fancied up the dress-up house into a fab manicure station.

Antz made the poster
Liv in her costume

I made the Princess Leia braids this class wore for their performance. BTW isn’t it funny how many cameras are at events like this? It reminds me of this Louis C.K. joke.
We made our masks
Liv & Luna
The food was so good! Of course this was just my appetizer, we ate so much and had some wine too.
Liv was super hyper
She loves her school so much!
Liv and the school’s amazing owner *she is incredible*
A belly dancer and Mrs. Renae
Liv and her rad teacher Miss Karly *I couldn’t get her to stand still*
Me & Miss Karly
Dancing with her Pappa
There were some rad items in the silent auction
What a fun summer night!!

Happy Summer from sunkissis on Vimeo.

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