Date Night with my Lovelies **Part 2**

So you would think after such a fun night and exhausting weekend we would head home and tuck ourselves into bed before 11pm. Such is not the case with us, I was driving through downtown LA *heading home* with food we picked up getting cold when I saw a swarm of network satellite vans and the street blocked off with police directing traffic. This is super common in LA so I didn’t think anything of it until I saw flashes of cameras out of the corner of my eye. I circled the block and saw a line of limos going through the blocked street, of course this peaked my celeb curiosity, so I parked and we took the Nikon, put Liv in the BabyHawk and walked 2 blocks to check out the scene. I was sure they would tell us we couldn’t walk by but I saw barricades set up across the street from this church-turned-club and the red carpet. After a little investigative work *overhearing the paparazzi mob* we found ourselves in the epicenter of the Entertainment Tonight red carpet Emmy afterparty at Vibiana.

I was seriously giddy and squealing with delight, my finger is still bruised from snapping so many shots. Our camera was very wishy-washy, it seemed to take the not so important celeb shots perfectly. When I was excited about a celeb *case in point, my darling Neil Patrick Harris* it would go blurry, dark or wouldn’t take the shot at all.

Neil and his hot piece, David Burtka, can you see how my camera was sabotaging me?

I was soo excited, I yelled “Congrats on your twin babies!!” and he turned around and SMILED!! OMG!! I also saw Alan Cumming and I said to him “Hello Mr. Cumming, I love you, you are so fantastic!” and he said “Why thank you, love” and posed for a pic. I LOVED him in The Anniversary Party

Christina Hendricks *Joan from Mad Men* is stunning! I have no idea how she manages to walk with those enormous boobs.

We mostly saw cast of the Office, 30 Rock and Glee.

Nigel Lythgoe *judge on So You Think You Can Dance*

Jane Krakowski *Jenna from 30 Rock*

Alec Baldwin’s assistant on 30 Rock

Jenna Ushkowitz *Tina from Glee*

Angela Kinsey *Angela from the Office*

Me and Judah

Judah Friedlander *Frank from 30 Rock* he was super cool and his hat said “Best Undressed”

Funniest quote of the night was this chick telling us “I’m not Crystal Bowersox, I know we are both white girls with dreads!!

No idea who this guy is

Levi Johnston *Alaskan douchebag* He had this huge bodyguard, the least famous guy was the only person with a bodyguard and he kept walking past the crowd but tried to act too important to stop by.

Brandon Routh *Superman Returns*

Nigel was sweet enough to come over and sign autographs

Ali *the last Bachlorette*

Even celebs love taco trucks!

My red carpet moment

As you can see, I was pretty close to the action *soo much fun* The paps were pretty aggressive and sort of mean. They kept talking shit about all the celebs and shouting out random stuff to get a reaction out of them. I felt awkward because I was standing right in front of them. We stayed out there until midnight and the party dwindled out. They all came out with their swag bags *that looked pretty crappy, there was Doritos in there* I was super exhausted, our food was ice cold and Liv was completely unfazed by the fame whores *myself included* as she slept on Antz chest while he hung back away from the chaos.

The scene totally reminded me of when I was younger and went on tour with my Mom.

*Stevie gave me that shawl I’m wearing, I wish I kept it*

Stevie Nicks: Live at Red Rocks Denver 1988

My Mommy performing *she’s a legendary percussionist*

Me & Stevie *in her dressing room*

I had a blast but today I am paying the price, I am beyond sleepy and my brain is fuzzy trying to remember all the details. I am seriously considering taking a photography class because my Nikon is super awesome but it doesn’t work for me at times. It sucks the most because I can’t take pics of myself *it’s too heavy and my lens won’t take pics that close*. I had the setting on automatic so I thought it would be foolproof but so many shots came our blurry or too dark.

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