White chocolate chip goodness

I was so bummed about my strawberry pie massacre, I wasn’t planning on baking anytime soon. However, this morning I had the craving of white chocolate *my favorite*. Now I know white chocolate chip cookies usually have macadamia nuts in them but I don’t particularly like them. So I had to take matters into my own hands and I got baking. Totally expecting a kitchen disaster.


The receipe was super easy and I even measured correctly *my measuring cup starts at 1 cup so anything under that I have to guess* I baked it for about 12 minutes at 450 and here’s the result;













I sent Antz a pic and he said they look so good he’s coming home for lunch to taste them. I am going to pick up Anthony’s Mom today at 4 so she can babysit Liv while we play volleyball tonight. *So excited to play*. I am hoping she will agree to spend the night Friday so she can babysit while we go to dinner and a movie and come with us to the Calabasas farmers market Saturday morning. Check out my sweetie pie!

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