Wow, I’m a huge nerd!

Why am I super excited for dinner tonight? Mac & Cheese anyone? In an hour we are going to a new restaurant in Downtown LA called Mac & Cheeza. Antz has been wanting to go there for awhile now and tonight is the night!! I think I’ll have the Momma Mac *because I’m Mommy* and add the cheese blend topping. I am curious about what sweets they have. Who knows, we may encounter more celebs again!
Liv is 13 weeks old and getting cuter by the second. Antz dressed her for this week’s pic

I will post my review and photos later but before I go I must post this video *caution extreme cuteness*

MMM, mac & cheese and hot links! I had the baby mac *Momma mac was huge*, it was yummy but it’s strange that the mac & cheese is the least impressive element. The restaurant is tiny *very limited seating* but super cute. Our camera battery died so the pics are from our iPhones, *I missed a better photo of the macaroni art*. The owner also has a restaurant in Eagle Rock called Larkin’s *I’ve wanted to go for Sunday brunch* I really liked the decor and the soda selection *the cucumber soda was delightful*. I would go back there again for sure.

I need to put some thought into our costumes for Leslie’s Mythical Creatures party this Sunday. Tomorrow I’m going to the Santa Anita Mall with Aimee. I don’t know how I’m going to have any time to work on Olivia’s scrapbooks *our printer hasn’t worked since we got the new modem* I also would like to make Liv’s silhouette and frame it. Antz Mom isn’t spending the night this weekend so we will ask his sister Debra to babysit for us Friday night so we can go see Scott Pilgrim vs the World. This is been the fastest summer of my life. Time really does fly when your having fun. I can’t believe tomorrow Olivia will officially be 3 whole months old!! She is growing like a weed. I enjoy every second I spend with her.

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