End of Summer 2010 Weekend

Yesterday was a LONG but fun day *9.02.10 Liv’s 3 month birthday*

My lovely worked from home *he wasn’t feeling so great (perhaps a mac & cheese disagreement?)* and Liv and I went to pick up Aimee. *how sweet is she*

We went to the Santa Anita mall to shop for our princess. We didn’t see anything cool at Janie & Jack but Baby Gap was gravy. Aimee bought these incredibly rad jammies and a one piece.

I bought a cute onesie and a white shirt. I also picked up some Bath & Bodyworks anti-bac soap. So after we left the mall I picked up Antz and we dropped off Aimee. I don’t know how time flies but it was almost 9 by the time I got on the freeway to drive out to Apple Valley. I needed to drop off something for my Mom. We didn’t go to the movies because Antz found out that Scott Pilgrim is playing at Paramount Studios next week. She just found out her baby Ching Ching has a gall stone the size of a baseball and needs surgery on Tuesday. I am so scared for her 🙁 *sads*

We took a few hours to rest and I helped my Mom with her Facebook page *she’s so cute*. We headed home and made record time *55 minutes* and passed out in bed. I don’t know how Antz got up for work this morning because we made it to bed at 3:30 am! Today I am super tired, still sore from volleyball and needing to clean my house. Antz is coming home soon for his last half day Friday and I’m going to my fave place Target! We are going to the LA County Fair *finishing my Summer Bucket list*, our friend’s birthday party tomorrow night, Calabasas farmers market, drive up Pacific Coast Hwy, fabric store for material for Leslie’s mythical creatures party, and Monday Annenberg Beach House *whew, I’m exhausted already!*.

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