Farmers Markets Galore

Our movie night was pretty awesome, we arrived at the 6:30 showing just in time to NOT  win any of the trivia DVDs they were giving out. It’s absolutely fine because the DVDs were beyond lame. It looked like they were setting up for a red carpet event at Paramount but we had to rush home after the movie because I only pumped a lousy 3 oz bottle and Liv was screaming that she was hungry. In fact, she was so upset, Debra had to call us during the movie to ask if she can give Liv a bottle of water. I felt guilty the rest of the film but it was such an awesome movie it was hard to leave early. *I was drooling for Jason Schwartzman, my celeb crush* and Edgar Wright has outdone himself, I thought nothing could surpass Shaun of the Dead *on my top 5 fave movies ever* and I was not happy about Michael Cera *playing the same damn character AGAIN!!* but this movie was amazing!! Very well written, very graphic and visually pleasing, only a little bit gay *thanks to stellar Kieran Culkin* There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it. *4 thumbs up*

This morning we straightened up the house a little and gave Liv a bath. We dolled her up in her new shortalls. I wanted roasted peanuts so we went to the La Canada/Flintridge farmers market. After getting stellar parking and putting Liv in her stroller, we were disappointed by how sparse the FM was.

There was hardly any food stalls, no peanuts and no kettle corn! We did get a bargain with these $1 dahlia bunches.

Lame, since it was early, I drove to Victory Park in Pasadena to try that FM for my nuts.

This was *again* a pretty lame market, it had plenty of fruit and veggie stalls but the only hot food stall was Mexican soup *Boo* So it wasn’t a total loss Antz bought some walnuts so I can put them in his cookies *I’m baking for our friends coming over tomorrow* I was dying for fresh squeezed lemonade however there was nothing but Horchatata. Antz was ready to call it quits but there was one more market I was willing to check out *and I really wanted my nuts*. I was expecting a mega lame market *in East LA* but we were planning to go to Little Tokyo to check out toys for Liv and it was in the vicinity. Well, I was plesantly surprised! It was located at the East LA Civic Center and although it was the smallest market I’ve been to, it was at a beautiful park and I scored my NUTS!

One nutty lady. The weather was really sunny but breezy so we took Liv by the lake to check out the duckies.

So at this point I was starving and since we were headed to Lil’ Tokyo anyway, I suggested we go to our fave sushi place Tenno Sushi for lunch. However, on the drive towards downtown we passed our friend Leslie’s art gallery *her hubby Stephen is on the board* and saw an event going on so we had to stop by just in case she was there.

No luck seeing Leslie so we hurried back to the car and continued on our journey. It was almost 2pm by the time we parked and it was metered parking so we only had about 45 minutes worth of quarters *really downtown? $2 PER hour!!* OMG! Yummiest lunch ever, and I tried out my new Hipstamatic app.

I am positive Mark Ronson *yummy* is in this photo with the chef, one of these days I’m going to bump into his fine ass!!

After our delicious meal we fed the hungry meter and went to the Japanese Plaza to look for toys. There was nothing at American Apparel *we are constantly hunting for cute socks for Liv*

I was disappointed we didn’t find any cool Totoro stuff but Antz bought Liv this monkey he has had his eye on since I was preggers. Coco Monkey is cute in a creepy way.

I still wanted to look for a map puzzle so we drove ALL the way to Pasadena *for the second time* so we went to South Pasadena to check out the Dinasaur Farm *super cute store*

We bought this doll for her whom we later gave the name Kennedy *love her* We also bought a USA map puzzle *it says the state capital when you put the puzzle together* and a mat with all the presidents for her to study. We got dessert at Fair Oaks Pharmacy *super cute place* I had a yummy root beer float and Antz had what he called *the BEST chocolate milkshake he’s ever had*

We had a busy day, she need to finish cleaning and wash Max. I am still doing laundry and it’s 2:30 am.
Nighty Night

2 thoughts on “Farmers Markets Galore

  1. So, I gotta ask! Do you just go around everywhere with a professional camera?? Your pics are awesome! And how do you find all these farmers markets? I live in South Florida and the ones around me aren't that fabulous… Is there a way to find more around? (website??) Anyways, just wanted u 2 know, I love your blog! =) Oh, and exactly how old is your little one? Mine will be 3 months on the 21st..

  2. Leeann, you are too sweet. Liv will be 3 months and 2 weeks tomorrow *yay June Mommies*. I use *as my main camera* a Nikon D3000 which is an SLR but I am totally amateur so I take like 50 shots and only use the good ones *good photographers trick* as my back up *smaller camera* I have a Canon Powershot which is great for when I want a pic of all 3 of us. Actually, this week I bought the Hipstamatic app ** for my iphone and that how I got those retro looking shots *best app ever! I am so happy you like the pics because my husband gets so mad at me because I make him pose like 10 times for a pic and he gets all grumpy, lol! As far as farmers markets go, in Los Angeles there are over 50 FMs, so theres always 4 or 5 going on per day. My goal is to go to all of them so I try to get to as many as I can in the same region on weekends. Some are awesome *been to one that had rock climbing, pony rides and a full food court* others are tiny and don't have what I'm looking for *this past weekend*. I would think in Florida there would be tons of FMs.

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