Three-da Kahlo *that was for you Antz*

We encountered 3 Frida’s today all in one spot *that should explain the pun*. Our friends Carlos & Stephanie came over for a visit

*I made walnut/white chocolate chip cookies*. Carlos has started his own collection of men’s underwear/loungewear *we went to their launch party back in January, wow that was like yesterday* We caught up on their wedding plans *they chose the Victorian in Santa Monica for the venue and the date is 9/10/11 cute!* I am so excited for their wedding because they are super chic and I know it will be an elegant event *I’m super jealous they are having a photo booth*. On a side note; I found out that Carlos’s Mom is the mastermind *seamstress* who created this iconic outfit for Justin & Britney!!

We went to the Americana for lunch at *1st* Frida’s *yummy Mexican food*

Liv liked Carlos 🙂
and Antz spotted a *2nd* Frieda look-alike sitting outside

and Liv was wearing her *3rd* Frieda Kahlo onesie. There was a mariachi band playing during lunch and Liv loved it. I had 2 virgin margaritas and boy were they yummy. After lunch we walked around the Americana and stopped by Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie *swoon*

I bought these awesome specs from Urban

When we got home Antz was singing Squirrel Nut Zippers to Liv and she was CRACKING UP!!! I had to grab the Flip and record her giggles.
I cherish this video, it is amazing to see our daughter laugh. What a milestone! Well, this week is pretty uneventful. We have volleyball tomorrow, Aimee is coming over on Thursday and this weekend we are going to Solvang for Story’s birthday.

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