Before I pop an blood vessel in excitement let me preface by saying I have 2 loves…*besides my husband and child* Vintage Airstreams and Japanese Harajuku culture *ie: Hello Kitty, Kawaii & Fruits* I just had my mind blown by this Hello Kitty Airstream

*images courtesy sweet Tulu via Whorange*
Holy shit!! I am in cuteness shock! I don’t know how to feel because I missed out on the Hello Kitty 35th anniversary last year at Royal T *the place I have been drooling to go to since it opened!!* how did I not go to this?? I must have been in a coma!! I am super bummed. HK is my homegirl. I would save my lunch money when I was 9 so I could buy scented pencils, and light-up erasers. I remember starting 4th grade I was sooo happy because my Grandmother bought me the coveted mega pencil case from the Hello Kitty store and I was the envy of all the girls at my Catholic School!! *sorry couldn’t find a pic* but seriously, I am known for being the HK queen! I have a HK waffle maker, a HK curling iron *it works terribly* I even have HK stickers on all of my credit cards!! GAAAH. Now I’m going to mega obsess over that Airstream. I couldn’t find out if it was auctioned off *most likely did for millions* but OMG I WANNIT!!!
*Side note: this makes me want a fucking tattoo!!
<——-soo yummy!
But my husband says he doesn’t like tats and I love my hubby more than a tattoo I’ll later regret!! Aimee is getting a tattoo of Liv’s name on her arm in a few weeks so that should be fun. OK, I need to stop torturing myself and get off the interweb!!

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