Busy Bee, yesh that’s Me!!

I have been running nonstop today *oh bed, how I miss thee*. I woke up early and did some laundry and cleaning while Liv slept late *yay*. I was totally ready on time to go to meet Aimee at her therapist office when Liv decided she wanted to eat *and she wanted to eat NOW!!* so I left the house 15 minutes later than I planned to *although I won’t blame Liv for my lateness, I am perpetually tardy no matter how early I leave the house*. I made the mistake of taking the streets to get there and I was in serious Friday traffic jam. I was super irriated and by the time I got to that side of town I was 30 minutes late! I felt awful since I’m meeting her shrink for the first time and I’m supposed to be her reliable BFF!! Despite my late arrival, Caroline was awesome, she is great and we had a good *yet short* session. I really felt proud of Aimee. So she had time before work so she accompanied Olivia and me to lunch at the Beverly Center and Target *I go there sooo much it’s gross* but I had to buy litter and some random things I forgot the day before. I was still looking for a teapot but the ones they had we a bit too masculine-looking. I’m lusting after this beaut from Anthropologie.

So after running errands, I took her back to her car so she could get home to take a quick cat nap before her late night shift. Liv and I decided to check out this place I had heard about on Robertson The Treehouse Social Club

*since we were in the neighborhood* and after I found parking, got her in her stroller *no easy task* fed the meter and walked 1/2 a block I was stunned to see it was closed! What place closes at 3pm on a Friday? Hmmph! I really want to take the Parent & Me French class *tres chic!!* but it’s 1 – 2.5 yrs old. So I disappointedly drove home only to spontaneously make a stop at Camelot Kids in Silverlake.

I have been wanting to check this nursery school out since I got preggers but I lurk on the website and have been waiting until the next Open House to go. Well, I dropped in since I saw it was open and I thought since it’s after school hours there would be someone there to give me some info on admissions. I met the Asst. Director, Missy, and she was super cool! She was playing with Liv and she told me I was good if I put my name on the waiting list in February *when they have their Open House* for admission in 2012. Missy told me there was Discovery Program *Mommy & Me classes* I am planning to take the French class in June *at the Treehouse* and then start the Discovery Program in January of 2012 when she’s old enough *18 months*. Wow, I am super excited to go back to school!!
chiennes de bonne nuit!!

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