Rolling with the Homies

AS IF??!! So I am cracking up over this rad piece Antz drew of our friends. At first he drew just the 8 of us but our other friends saw it on facebook and got all sadface about not being on it so he did this awesome revision this morning.

*From left to right, top row: Warren, Me *I love that he gave me my fave hot pink lipstick although he hates it*, Antz, Story. 2nd row: Aimee, Keith, Leslie, Dave. 3rd row: Stephen, Kim, Maeve, Tom, Chris. 4th row: George, Nicolette, Alessandro & Jes.*

On another random note, I saw this on dlisted and I am in serious amazement at this chick’s makeup skills. I really thought she was Jared Leto!!!

Liv and I are jumping in the shower to get ready to have a fun *and spontaneous* Lazy Sunday

As we were getting Liv dressed, we wanted her to wear shoes but none of hers really fit *narrow feet* so Antz want her to wear her adiddas since they won’t fall off easily. I *being the pretend fashionasta I am* wanted her to wear her See Kai Run gold sandals since they match better. We had to take a pic to make the final selection.

Here’s the winner *my choice* I love the dress Carlos & Stephanie gave us…gotta run, going to Royal T for lunch *SUPER EXCITED!!*

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