Happy Happy Bebe

Today Aimee, Liv & I went to visit our friend Erin *who was recovering from a medical procedure* I hadn’t seen Erin since the bebe shower so it was her first time meeting Olivia.

Aimee and I went to our favorite spot *ahem, a little shop called…TARGET!* Btw, my sweater made it’s comeback today and kept me warm in chilly fall weather.

We spent way too much time in there but I actually managed to spend under $100 this time, WOW! I was seriously tempted to buy these super cute containers for my sugar and flour *and it was on clearance too* I somehow showed some will power but if I see them next week, they are coming home with me 🙂

I also really wanted this tray *for my baked yummies*

We ate in the mall food court and I dropped by my Mom’s house in LA since I was in the neighborhood *and needed a quick nap*. I took pics of Liv and her Grammy while she taught Liv how to play congas and tambourine. I love seeing them together and Liv was super stellar.

*I LOVE how Liv and Ching Ching are checking each other out*
*my little drummer girls*
*Ching Ching makes the best faces, her eyes look crazy!!
Liv loved playing the chimes, she may have a musical gift *although her Mommy is rhythmically challenged!* I love seeing them together and Liv was enjoying every minute with her Grammy. I am so loving all this Grammy/bebe bonding action.

Here’s the thing about Aimee, I just mentioned to her I wanted to buy Liv a doorway bouncer and she went out and bought Liv a present. Olivia LOVES IT!! I swear Liv thinks it’s the funnest *sorry for the bad grammar but it’s appropriate* thing in the whole wide world! I love seeing her laugh and squeal at the lights and sounds it makes.

Olivia has so much fun in it and Antz & I were quite entertained watching her expressions. Tomorrow is pumpkin patch day. My Mom might come with us. I am looking forward to a mellow weekend *no big plans* I may bake my blueberry muffins for breakfast. We have been having trouble with Liv sleeping through the night recently so I am hoping she’ll make it tonight since she missed her naps. She did sleep in the car on my way home so she might wake up at least once. I’m the only one awake in the house so I may get some shut eye.

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