Sometimes I surprise myself with radness

I have a sweater, it’s my favorite sweater. I bought it 2 years ago from the Gap. This sweater has seen better days. I wore it all the time and didn’t treat my sweater with care. Then sadly one day, my favorite sweater got a tear. Ok, I am not a poet but here’s my story…I no longer wore the sweater, except around the house. Antz kept saying that used to be such a nice sweater. Then when I was at our newborn infant class I saw someone with my exact sweater. It made me sad because I buy nice things and then I ruin them and complain how I have nothing to wear. So this morning I did the unthinkable. I repaired my sweater all-by-myself!

Please forgive my ratty hair, I was so excited, I forgot what a mess I looked!

I hand sewed the holes, I washed it in fancy detergent and I can now happily wear my sweater out of the house again. What is this new found domesticness? Have I settled nicely into the role of housewife & doting mother? I am the same girl who pulled all-nighters at clubs in Hollywood. I quit a job because I was hungover from a party I threw for my best friend. I would eat dinner from 7-11. I am so not used to being a grown up. 🙁

My Mommy is here now and we are meeting Antz for lunch at Sedthee…

Liv is 19 weeks today…!!!


Our favorite Thai restaurant
Antz was convinced Liv could sit in her own chair
Yum!!! Chicken satay.


So lunch was great, we got there just after the working folks crowd *so we basically had the place to ourselves*. I ordered seafood pad thai noodles for my Mommy but she really didn’t like it, she should have stuck with her usual, lamb chops. Antz and I stuffed our faces in 10 minutes and my Mom had barely started eating *we are super greedy!!*

Antz had to go back to work so we dropped him off and I tried to talk my Mom into going to Fair Oaks Pharmacy but she didn’t want any ice cream, maybe I’ll go with Aimee tomorrow. So when we got home she had to leave and Liv and I have been hanging out in the nursery ever since. She was extremely good today. I tried to pump a bottle for her lunch but sadly I only got a measly 1 1/2 ounce so I am back to drinking the Mother’s Tea. Antz wants me to make an appt with Gilli to get her advice so maybe I’ll go next Monday. I am sort of bummed because we’d planned to take Liv to trick or treat on the Boolevard in Atwater Village on the 29th but today Antz got an invitation to a Halloween party at his job on the same day.

I know his job will be more fun since all our friends will be there but I love hanging out in Atwater *I remember so many years of wishing we had a baby to take to all the Atwater events and now that I have Liv, we have missed out on so many activites*. Oh well, I guess there’s always next year and I suppose it would be better to go when we actually live there. I really dislike when it gets dark earlier but I’m happy for Halloween to get here because I’m super excited about my costume *it’s top secret*

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