Olivia’s 1st Pumpkin Patch

Today of course was Pumpkin Patch day. I was so excited about it for weeks, I asked Antz to take the day off since I wanted to get tons of photos and I was convinced the weekend would be too crowded and I talked my Mom into coming with us. Well, despite my best efforts, I ended sleeping in too late this morning so I inadvertently missed out on Underwood Farms. When I got up *around noon* I felt nice and refreshed I decided to make blueberry muffins *since Aimee warned me that the fresh blueberries I bought a week ago may start to get moldy, yuck!*. Only took 20 minutes to bake.



I think I could have let them cook a bit more but they were delish nonetheless. My Mom tried one and said why is it white? Antz liked them but he said the tartness of the blueberries overwhelmed the muffin. Oh well, I was happy with the results. So as my muffins were cooling I rushed to get dressed and we left the house about 2pm. We had to drive all the way across town to pick up my Mom so by the time we got on the freeway it was 3pm rush hour traffic. I cannot stand being stuck in traffic on the freeway *particularly the 405 which was a total parking lot* so I suggested we forgo driving 2 hours to Moorpark and stay local and check out Mr. Bones in West Hollywood. My Mom and Antz were all for that plan so we got off the freeway and headed to WeHo. We got there in no time at all and I was super happy we changed our minds because Mr Bones was AWESOME!! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.



These signs cracked me up, it felt like we were in Japan!!
*Don’t whack off the pumpkin stems*
 *No looking fabulous while midgets hold pumpkins*
 *No mosh pitting on the pumpkins!*
*No chucking the pumpkins at ugly people!!*
 I hate to be evil but Antz and I cracked up because one of the goats knocked that kid on his butt, he was fine…ok I’m going to hell!
As we were leaving we saw a swarm of paparazzi parked across the street.  God, they always look like such douchebags!!


We asked some of them who they were waiting for and they said HALLE BERRY!! I was super bummed we were leaving but who knows how long it would have taken for her to show up. I instead took the opportunity to be a tourist NERD and pose with the iconic Beverly Hills sign.


Since we were in the area I also wanted to take pics in front of this cool house that is known as the “Witches House” for obvious reasons.

Here’s my obligatory jump shot…my Mom was the photographer so I had to jump close to 50 times just to get this shot, she kept saying, ok jump and then 10 seconds later she would take the pic. She thought it was hilarious. I was waiting for the owner of the house to come out and whoosh us away from their property.



How fucking rad would it be to live in this house?? Complete with pond and bridge! So we headed home however *when my Mom & I are together we never just go straight home* we made a spontaneous stop at my 88 year old Godmother, Maria’s house since she hadn’t met Olivia yet.


Back in the day, My Godmother was STUNNING!! I used to play in her makeup and wear her Chanel No. 5 when I was a little girl.
 This is my favorite photo of her…she was so 60’s chic, what a beauty!
She has a *signed* photo of my Mom in her living room, this is my Mommy circa 1980ish.
 Antz and my Godmother’s baby, Princess. She was totally jealous of Olivia *most small doggies are like that*
So we finally made it home after stopping 3…yep, 3 places to pick up dinner. On the drive home Antz gave Olivia a bottle and my gifted, genius daughter took the bottle and held it herself the entire time. I am so amazed at how brilliant our kid is!!
We will be carving our pumpkins sometime tomorrow. I am going to finish my kitchen cabinet paper lining job by the end of this weekend *I promise*. I know I suck for not posting this week’s Mix Tape Friday but I got home so late tonight and it’s been a bitch to upload all these pics that I would be up until 3am. Next week will absolutely rock!!

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  1. That pumpkin patch looked awesome! We were supposed to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend but I just had way too much other stuff to do so we didn't make it.. We'll prob go either one day when I get outta work, or this Saturday! We shall see! Great pics you got though! =) And how awesome is it your daughter's already holding her bottle on her own?!?! Too cool!

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