Only Me!!

Why does this happen to me?? I spent weeks going back and forth debating on whether to try to wait it out and see if our friends could hook us up with Yo Gabba Gabba Live! tickets because all the front row seats/VIP party package tickets were sold out. Last month, I finally commited to getting Orchestra Row P tickets which were…meh!

I was just happy to have the tickets and I was able to use my American Express points to get a big discount on the tix. So I was content, low and behold, today I get an email from Amex with tickets *VIP party package tickets 5 rows from the stage in the Orchestra Pit section, dead center!!* for sale for Saturday, November 27th 11am show!! GAH, BLAST!! This ALWAYS happens to me. I jump the gun and get something with plenty of time then something better comes along. I wait until the last minute, I end up scrambling or paying too much for tickets *my first Bjork show in LA* Now, I want to buy the better seats *the VIP package includes a photo with the characters and that’s what I really want* but they are $100 each more than the ones I already have. I posted it on my facebook and no takers yet. This sucks, of course Antz is giving me the side-eye and saying just use the ones we have and spend that $200 on Christmas gifts for Liv but I have to get photos with the characters. I posted an ad on craigslist but I see a ton of tix for my same show for the same amount so it doesn’t seem to be high demand. GRRR!!

*awww, I miss my Ralph Wiggum tee, it got ruined in the laundry*

Day #7….I am thankful for my best friend in the whole world *besides Antz & my Mum* Aimee!! Every Thursday has been super fun and today we laughed all day long. I am so happy Liv gets to spend so much time with her GodMommy. We went to Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters *looking for pretty things for Aimee’s apartment* She wore her in the BabyHawk and everyone thought Liv was her daughter. She is a super rad, fantastic GodMommy. I love my BFF, we are going on 11 years together

Liv is missing a shoe because she was eating it all morning. Every second we saw her with her shoe in her mouth, those shoes are like her crack!!

I almost, sure I’ll regret this later, bought this teapot, I have wanted a prissy teaset since we bought our house and this one was $29.99!!

 Say hello to Mommy’s new glasses!
Olivia needs this hat!

Me likey Anthro Bonjour plates

I LOVE this tree ornament, this is exactly what I said when I saw the email about the Yo Gabba Gabba tickets!
Liz + Aimee = NERDS!!

I love you Aimee!!!

2 thoughts on “Only Me!!

  1. Do you like your stroller? Olivia is in need a new stroller since she's outgrowing her infant one! We're looking at the Bugaboo Frog but not sure if we can splurge…:/

  2. Well, I had a tough first week with our Bugaboo Bee *it was difficult to fold and put in the trunk. One day, I took a deep breath and made peace with the stroller and now we are BFFs. It's great since she can use it when she's older and I like the smoothness of it. I was torn between the chameleon and the bee but I'm glad I got the bee!

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