Mommy put on her big girl pants

Sigh, well this morning the tickets for the Saturday 11am show went on sale. I had 5th row from the stage with the VIP party package in my cart but when I saw the $290 total, I pumped my brakes!! I would normally just charge them and not even think about how it would take 3 years and $500 in interest to get a photo with the cast but the new Mommy Liz realized I would rather spend that $300 at BabyGap. I didn’t get any responses from my craigslist ad and Antz *Mr Voice of Reason*

told me I would end up stuck with the orginal tickets and spend over $400 for one day. Soooo, we will have just as much fun way back in the P row and hopefully I will be able to bring my Nikon and I’ll try to get really good pics. She’ll have to take pics with the cutouts and NEXT YEAR, she’ll have VIP tickets *as God is my witness!*

On another note, Wednesday we found a Beaba Babycook on criagslist for $80 just around the corner of our house in Eagle Rock.

They chick selling it was sooo awesome. She had 2 super cute boys *Boone & Haskell* and she was really nice, she invited me in to show me how to use it. She also recommended a recipe book and gave me some containers to store leftover food in. I LOVED her house!! I really wish I could have taken pictures, it was hillside so on the side of the house on the hill there was floor to ceiling windows with incredible views. The house was 1960’s Traditional style but it had an open floorplan. We talked for awhile and she said we may see each other at the Mommy & Me classes in Eagle Rock. I ordered this recipe book from Amazon.

We attempted to go to the Northridge farmers market but unfortunately, it’s only from March – October so we are going to the Monrovia farmers market this weekend to buy Liv some organic veggies. She has done so well with her rice cereal *we give her 2 ounces twice a day*, I know she’s ready to start veggies. Am I ready to start is the question??!!

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  1. BOO!! You guys are supposed to have my back!! Haha, I know I am totally irrational. Antz tells me all the time I'm going to do everything in her first year and by next year we'll be burnt out. I can't help it, I am terribly impulsive. I'm sure we'll have a blast and I am super stoked about her outfit!! 😛

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