Black Friday Bleekness

So all week I’ve been budgeting, re-budgeting and adding items to shopping carts and waiting like the Target Lady

For that magic 4 am so I can shop from the comforts of my warm bed ALL FOR NOTHING!!
Turns out everything I am wanting isn’t on sale! I could buy a 42″ Flat HDTV from Target for $397 if I want a generic Westinghouse lamo TV. No, no, no! I want this baby…

These are currently on sale at Best Buy but…they have been that same sale price for the past month, I want a sweet Black Friday deal so I’m waiting it out until Cyber Monday to make my purchase. We are going to the Grove after YGG to check out Anthropologie’s sale. I know it will be chaos but that is one of the best Anthro stores *with exception to the Thousand Oaks store but that is too far of a drive* I am also waiting it out for my Kitchenaid Cake Mixer *I have a 20% off coupon and free shipping but I want to see if I can do better* I also have a few items in my Target cart for Liv

I would love to find these on sale but every store I have been to *Nordstrom, Kids Kitson* they don’t have this color and they don’t have her size, BOO!!

Well, my Black Friday hasn’t been much success but at least I am patient enough to hopefully score a super deal!!

It’s a Brobee sandwich

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